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Usui and Rainbow Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese phrase meaning Universal Life Force, which is a conscious and spiritual energy that originates from the infinite source of the Universe, Life or Divine Love. Just like how gravity or electrical currents exist mysteriously in the inner workings of life on earth and cannot usually seen by the naked eye, Reiki exists and can open ones heart to a deep sense of connectedness with well as all of creation.


USUI Reiki

Reiki is originally an ancient Tibetan Buddhist Qigong healing method from what is believed to be tribal shamanic roots, that was later re-discovered by Buddhist monk Mikao Usui through deep study of energy work written in old scriptures and an intense spiritual experience over 21 days that immersed him with healing energy. Mikao Usui then developed into teaching the healing technique through hands and gave empowering initiations to immerse others in this healing energy. In 1923 he led a team of students in using Reiki to help the healing of many during a devastating earthquake in Japan, through its effectiveness Reiki began to grow as a healing technique and was even taken back to Hawaii by Hawayo Takata, who subsequently opened a path for Reiki to grow across the globe. Which is why most Reiki techniques today seem to originate back to Mikao Usui's lineage, and those following the technique as closely as it was traditionally taught is often called "Usui Reiki".


May studied with and received "Reiki Level One" [20th August 2017] as well as "Reiki Level Two" [25th January 2018] Attunements from qualified Master Teacher Michael Kaufmann in the Usui lineage. So she is a fully qualified Reiki Practitioner with the ability to do both hands-on Reiki treatments in person as well as Distant Reiki remotely or through video call.


May's Reiki Lineage in the 'USUI Method of Natural Healing' is as follows:

*Mikao USUI > Chujiro Hayashi > Hawayo Takata > Phyllis Lei Furumoto > Carell Ann Farmer > Leah Smith > William Lee Rand > Elizabeth Gilberg > William S. Tupkal > Lynne Blanchard > Lindy Barron > Jollean Matsen > Stephanie Rink > Michael Kaufmann -> May




Through subsequent teachers, Reiki as a healing technique developed into many other forms such as Rainbow Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Seichem Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Jikkiden Reiki and so on. "Rainbow Reiki" was developed by Reiki Master Walter Lubeck in the 1980s, through his decades of detailed research and experience in Usui Reiki, Shamanism and Huna philosophy. As a source, Rainbow Reiki is based on the traditional Usui Reiki system but is more complex in energy and more direct in its healing functionality. Which means Rainbow Reiki sessions require a shorter time than traditional Usui Reiki sessions and can still be just as effective.  


Hence Rainbow Reiki has opened up different as well as more varied methods of working with this universal life force energy, and provides the practitioner with more healing tools to use. Having qualified through the "Rainbow Reiki® Practitioner 1" course in March 2019, May is now able to work with the Rainbow Reiki energy and can offer the following treatments within her sessions:

  • Using the Four Element Symbols of Fire, Earth, Water & Air (To supply the body's respective Functional Circuits directly with healing Reiki energy to harmonise and heal)

  • Energetic Acupuncture (with Noetic Symbol and Mantra for highly effective and gentle Rainbow Reiki Treatment of Acupuncture Master Points from Chinese Acupuncture theories - so its basically acupuncture without the needles)

  • Advanced Methods of Aura & Chakra Work (To use Rainbow Reiki for Aura massages, as well as removal of energy blocks within the Aura and Chakras)

  • Psychic Surgery (Removing energetic blocks safely and gently through Astral Energy Work within the physical as well as spiritual body - similar to Philippines Spiritual Healing)

  • Karmic Clearing (Intensified Karmic Clearing through working with Angels and Beings of Light - with May's personal Tibetan Buddhist practice connection and experience of over 21 years, she usually only work with highly revered pure Divine Beings of Light from the Buddhist tradition such as the Goddess Tara to facilitate all her healing sessions)

  • Journeying within the bodies of Humans, Animals, Plants, Crystals or Power Spots (To uncover root issues needing healing)

  • Astral Rainbow Reiki Healings (Higher dimension of healing through the Inner Child, Higher Self and Light Beings)

  • Opening and Closing a Chakra (To work more deeply with each Chakra to resolve blocks or issues)

  • Rainbow Reiki Feng Shui (Includes space and energy cleansing to resolve disharmonies and promote better flow of energy)


May's 'RAINBOW Reiki' Lineage stems from two different traditions:

*Mikao Usui - Dr. Chujiro Hayashi - Hawayo Takata - Phyllis Furomoto - Brigitte Müller - Walter Lübeck - Dan Mor -> May

*Mikao Usui - Dr. Chujiro Hayashi - Chiyoko Yamaguchi - Tadao Yamaguchi - Walter Lübeck - Dan Mor -> May



How does Reiki work and feel like?

Reiki is believed to be an infinite Universal energy that can only do good, by communicating intelligently with the body and mind to go exactly where it needs, or do what it needs to activate the self-healing process. In other is not the therapist who heals you, it is actually your own self-healing powers that has been topped up or activated through Reiki.

Hence it is a non-intrusive and non-manipulative method, as the receiver is not required to do anything but just breathe during treatment.


Reiki is usually channelled through the hands and works with the seven main Chakras as well as other smaller subtle Chakras of our body. Some say they don't feel anything at all, but go into a relaxed state. Whilst others have said they felt vibrating electric currents or warmth from May's hands, deep relaxation and even to the extent of seeing colours or light!



What are the benefits of Reiki?

Many choose to have Reiki as it promotes good health and well-being through rejuvenating the body in a natural way of energetic nourishment. Each individual can react differently to Reiki depending on what they need, for example some might feel energised right after Reiki, whilst others may feel sleepy instead. Plus each person's healing process is also different and unique. However client's will often experience stress relief and improvements in conditions, especially those resulting from prolonged stress or high cortisol levels.


May has worked with clients who used Reiki to help them recover from traumatic incidents, feelings of shock, grief or disconnectedness through personal crisis, prolonged anxiety and insomnia through life transitions, transforming negative mind-set or low mood into positivity, pain relief from prolonged physical conditions, improving specific health conditions, clearing spiritual blocks through chakra balance or cleansing, and of course spiritual development as well as growth in consciousness.


It is important to note that Reiki can often be powerful, direct and very honest. Those who are sensitive might find that Reiki has the ability to bring up issues or inner shadows that they have buried deep down or thought they had already dealt with in the past. As long as the issue still needs to be healed, it is possible that Reiki will bring it up for it to be fully worked with and healed for your highest good. So at times, working with Reiki can mean doing very deep inner work for your own healing.


In summary, the usual benefits of Reiki includes:  

  • Deep relaxation

  • Improved sleep

  • Pain relief

  • Promotes the detoxification process

  • Strengthening of the natural self-healing ability and immune system

  • A gradual increase in personal energy, vitality and confidence

  • A healthier mind-body connection and feeling more connected with all of life or greater meaning

  • Release of emotional and energetic blockages from the Chakras, energetic and spiritual bodies

  • Greater personal growth, spiritual awareness, expansion and consciousness

  • Increased instinctual balance in life and inner peace



How May facilitates a Reiki session?

In a therapeautic session, May tends to delve deeply into her client's Chakras, Emotions, Physical Body, Aura/Energetic Body and Spiritual Body during a Reiki session to discover how each part is doing, if there are any issues that are being held or the root issue of a condition, any blockages and whether any parts need healing or balancing. She often invites Divine Light Beings of the Buddhist tradition (such as the Goddess Tara) to work intuitively together and will invest time to discuss how the client is feeling through the session.




Reiki sessions are usually one-to-one and includes time before and after session to discuss how client may be feeling or what issues have arised during session/week. Clients remain fully dressed in clothing throughout the session and Reiki can be through touch or non-touch methods.


Sessions can be booked in several ways:

a. {IN}: May's home in Woolwich (London SE18)

b. {OUT}: At client's home/office where May will travel to you (As May relies on public transport, there are locations that she is unable to cover and might have to decline a booking in those circumstances)

c. {Distant Reiki}: Especially useful if you are in need of Reiki when you are away, or happen to be in a different location/country from May - so Reiki can be sent either remotely or through a video call

*Please check the Price List below and book with May directly via email: thecatpose[dash]wellbeing[at]gmail[dot]com  OR use our booking page 



After the session

It is suggested that clients should take some time to rest after working with vibrations and energy of Reiki, as it may impact client's physical, emotional or spiritual state by bringing what needs to be explored or healed into conscious awareness throughout the week.

As a complementary therapy method Reiki does NOT replace the need for medical attention or medication, and depending on the needs of a client's condition the number of recommended sessions can vary from 1-8 sessions for work on a particular issue, or ongoing weekly sessions for general wellbeing and relaxation.

Reiki Pricing 11.2018 5 Reiki Principles